Structure of Research Paper


The title of the research paper is important as it is the first page of the paper. This includes the name of the paper, a “running head”, details of authors and affiliation of the authors. Title of the paper must be impressive and on point. It should convey the message about what exactly the research paper is about and what you can expect inside research. 


Abstract is a one-paragraph summary of the entire study. It is a short version of introduction mentioning the points of research study paper. It is typically not more than 250 words in length or even shorter than this. The Abstract provides an overview and the index of the research study. 


Introduction is a descriptive information that is being provided about the topic being covered inside the paper. What is the topic and why is it worth studying? – these are the major section of text in the paper. The Introduction is commonly described about the topic under investigation, summarizes or discusses relevant prior research. It provides an overview of the research that is to be described in greater detail in the sections under the paper. 


Method of the paper includes the details and methods on how the research was performed.  It typically features a description of the participants/subjects that were involved, the study design, the materials that were used, and the study procedure. If there were multiple experiments, then each experiment will require a separate Methods section.  A sufficiently detailed description of methods for researcher helps in better understanding of the paper. 


What did you find and what we suggest? – Results is a section which describes the data that was collected and evaluated. The results of any statistical tests that were performed will be mentioned in the result page. A description of the analysis procedure can be used to make it more effective. 


The final major section of text in the paper is a conclusion page.  The Discussion/Conclusion section commonly features a summary of what you will get from the study. It includes some suggestions and strategies to be followed. This also describes how the results address the topic.  Any limitations and directions to be taken care of for the future research are also addressed.


Citation is very important if we are using someone else work. List of books or papers cited need to be mentioned for better reliability and avoiding the conflicts. List of the sources that are cited in the research paper need to be mentioned in the reference page. Each reference page should follow specific guidelines. Book title, publisher name , writer name, editor name, year of publication, chapter no, page no,  

Tables and Figures

Tables, Figures, Graphs and other data is mentioned here depending on the type of research being performed.  Different style of Table and Figure are placed on a separate page and all Tables and Figures are included in one go. This page generally comes after the Reference page.  


In some cases of research paper, additional information is needed that is not critical to understanding the research paper. In such cases elements like list of experiment, details of analysis, and more are provided. 

"Knowledge Is Power"

- Francis Bacon